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Bedroom FoodsWhen having sex one not only needs energy and stamina but also a more increased libido so the bedroom foods can fit perfectly in the picture. We are tough not to bring food in the bedroom but specific bedroom foods can bring a plus of vitality in the couple and why not some more fantasies. There are plenty of aphrodisiac foods that couples can make use of during foreplay. The easiest to get are chocolate and whipped cream.

At some points in our lives we all have certain fantasies when it comes to food in the bedroom especially chocolate and whipped cream. Who did not think at least once about covering his or her partner’s body with wiped cream? Using whipped cream in the bedroom can make your foreplay much funnier. No matter if you hold the whipped cream bottle and put it on her or his body or your partner holds you and guides you through the places he or she would like to be kissed or licked, bringing whipped cream in the bedroom can be a great way of discovering or rediscovering your partner’s body. But still, you should pay a bit off attention with it because it could get messy.

Chocolate is one of the other aphrodisiac foods that can make miracles in bed. It is believed that chocolate can stimulate somehow the production of endorphins which can provide a feeling of pleasure or pain. Some think that chocolate contains a certain substance that stimulates a reaction in the body very similar to the feeling of falling in love. Oral sex can become a blast if chocolate is used. This seemingly simple type of food could bring so much fun in one’s relationship. Chocolate is one of the foods that can increase the libido.

You can also have some fun in bed with honey. It is sweet and sticky and you will enjoy it for sure. I could not say the same things about your linen.

We saw different movie scenes in which actors use fruits such as strawberries or grapes in bed to increase sexual pleasure so why should not we try it out? Fruits can also be used to discover your partner’s body in a sexy way. The gentle move of a strawberry on your partner’s body while looking in her or his eyes will create a sexual tension and excitement that will be difficult to control. There are no rules when it comes to bringing the right food in the middle of the foreplay so you can let your imagination and creativity do their job.

Not only food can help you spice up your foreplay but also different types of drinks. Red wine and Champaign are both great in rising one’s libido but they should not be used in too big quantities. Otherwise you will only succeed to get your partner drunk and there goes the sexy and sensual part of the night.

Bedroom foods are great ways to give a bit of color to your sex lives and to keep the passion alive but always remember to not be greedy because otherwise you might get sick from them.

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